The Choicest Chips Ever – Textile Grade and Film Grade

We produce and sell the best quality Polyester Chips in India. World-class technology and efficient process management help us serve the industry optimally on quality and capacity. Beyond captive consumption, now we sell over 12KT chips monthly, which will be increased to 30KT in near future after the commissioning of CP3. We are presently the largest seller of Chips in India.

Our Strength:

  • Production from 5 continuous Polymerization plants and 2 Batch Poly plants
  • Global technology: Chemtex Dupont, USA, CITIE, China, and Noy Val Lesina Switzerland to suit various end applications

Our Offerings

Semi Dull Non-Mod

Full Dull

Semi Bright

Home Bright

Full Bright

Semi Bright Cationic

Full Dull Cationic

Semi Dull Cationic

Optical Bright

Full Bright Film Grade